SHARKU - Chronology

AGEN & SHARKU - Clearwing Circuitry



Cover-art for the forthcoming release of IRRGÅNG. Check out the original track here, remixes up later today.

301MC - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX


A little while back we made a tape for a local audiovisual exhibition in Skien, Norway. All members are featured and a few from our extended family as well. The tape is limited to 20 copies, and there still is around 10 copies left. Mail us at if you’re interested in one of these.
The full tape is of course available for streaming too.

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Demdike Stare / Slant Azymuth - “Make Do & Mend EP1”


Demdike and Slant combine forces on this split EP from Finders Keepers. Featuring edits  of Billy Green, Horrific Child (best name ever?), and Bruno Spoerri, all three of whom have been resurrected via the FK record in the past. Check the previews below - haunting/invigorating material from the Manchester folks who’ve yet to disappoint. 

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